My wad of Letrasets,many years of scratchy fun to be had with .Aquired from an abandoned (presumably) design place of some kind judging by the remaining detritus.Amongst said detritus were boxes of these gems.I went for quantity,my freind was more discerning and found some really nice old english,ornate capital sets,and many more such as some casual handletterd style ones.

My large drawing which was influenced in some way by pictograms and heiro glyphs along with a stone head statue from easter island,Some plaster casts of mayan pictoglyphs and a mayan stelae and an ancient egyptian papyrus at the british museum in London,some of the many great artifacts I saw that day,and unfortunately we didnt get enough time to go back.I remember enjoying reading about ancient cultures since a fairly young age and it has been an interesting subject to learn about.

These shots were taken on a sunny day with no mist in sight.A hijacked fire extinguisher has given some eerie atmosphere to these shots taken with my phone camera on a walk.