Dance Dance

Mine and Adam's Film

I Finished animating the countdown which took me a long time,I did it in photoshop,i did 33 frames for each number which I had to do individually.The process was very repetative,Im not sure the finished article looks as good as I wanted it to and some of the numbers jump about which would be o.k if it was intentional and the rest of the frame jumped about.
I guess I did these animations to have videos and films and moving images to go with other members of our collaboration who work in that way.Upon reflection I could view this as a compromise of making the most of the skills and approach I already have with trying out new things as I havent previously done any films or animations and I wanted to see if it appealed to me as a way of working.
Here is a short film I made featuring the finished countdown and some of adam's animated posters.

Studio A.K.A Review

Forgot to post earlier:/
Studio Aka is a multi bafta winning animation company based in Berswick Street London, known internationally for their idiosyncratic and innovative work. I recently had the opportunity to meet with one of the studio’s producer’s and visit the studio whilst on a research trip into London and we had the opportunity to view the studio’s showreel and ask a few questions.
The talk started with a brief introduction to the studio and its successes within the commercial world and the organisational structure within the company itself.He explained how it was the directors who were usually responsible for the overall design of the work,while the producers usually were the ones who liased with the agencies for the companies the work was being produced for.The talk was given by the producer Ren Pesci who himself worked on animations for playhouse Disney.The advert for playhouse Disney,a huge name in the film and entertainment industry, reflects the innovative approach to animation the company is internationally recognised for,and is made almost entirely in a low tech manner quite different from the cgi generated rendered animations for adverts such as the popular Lloyds TSB commercials or the recent BBC winter Olympics commercials.
These commercials are mainly the work of the director Mark Craste who has designed and created many award winning shorts at studio aka,including memorable work for Guiness,the big win and orange.Mark also directed three short films that went on to be the inspiration for his twelve minute short film JoJo in the stars which won a bafta in 2004 for best animation short.His most recent work is a 30 minute short film called Varmints based on the book by childrens author Helen Ward and illustrated by Mark.It features the same megalithic,powerful characters seen characteristic and indiosyncratic of the style of work he has become known for, personally I thought the black and white high contrast style combined with heavily stylised ,exaggerated characters as seen in the guiness and winter Olympics adverts were engaging and dynamic,while at the same time gracefully simple in their idea and execution,yet also moving and serene in JoJo in the Stars,this is juxtaposed with mutated,dark and menacing connotations.
The success of studio Aka is set to continue,with a number of big productions underway and the continuing success of their ongoing campaigns,with the release of Lost and Found based on the award winning childrens book by Oliver Jeffers winning the bafta for best childrens animation,a great credit to the studio and the director Phillip Hunt.

Drawn Letters

I got the idea for doing a countdown in a few different styles so I could make the most of my drawing and experimental processes to go towards a film for the group so we could put it at the start of films and animations we make together.
I started drawing them in pencil referencing the hand drawn typography I have found mainly in books,in paticular old ornamental typefaces, and I have applied the same typographic treatments to a range of numbers to become an animated countdown sequence


Reference film

I made this fim as a way of getting used to windows movie maker as I have not used it very much before and also to show the artists and work I had been looking at when I was producing the thaumotropes, as well as some of the work I have produced as part of the collaborative project.It also contains a small amount of old work such as the short dust to dust skull animation and the snowboarder which I didnt get round to animating till now,which I put in mainly to fill out the film as the outro music went on for ages but I didnt want to crop the music too much as the film would of been short and I enjoy the sense of build up the music produces.I have since added the intro countdown timer which I think goes quite well with the rest of it.