Reference film

I made this fim as a way of getting used to windows movie maker as I have not used it very much before and also to show the artists and work I had been looking at when I was producing the thaumotropes, as well as some of the work I have produced as part of the collaborative project.It also contains a small amount of old work such as the short dust to dust skull animation and the snowboarder which I didnt get round to animating till now,which I put in mainly to fill out the film as the outro music went on for ages but I didnt want to crop the music too much as the film would of been short and I enjoy the sense of build up the music produces.I have since added the intro countdown timer which I think goes quite well with the rest of it.

Movie Countdown Test

As part of the work I have been producing for our groups collaborative project I have been making an animated countdown sequence so I can produce a range of work that allows me to develop my drawing skills and also experiment with various forms and processes for producing animation and film making/moving image and also so that it forms a part of a piece of work that can be used by our collective in a direct collaborarative way. I have experimented with various different ways of making the countdown.My first attempt was to put letrasets onto super-8 film reel and it did work to some degree Ill post the results later.My second was a stop-frame using photoshop which took an inordinate length of time to complete just one number.I have recently tried using a projector and acetate and it has been quite a sucessful test,my collaborative team member Izzy helped in the making of it.The numbers are hand drawn as is the frame and rest of it so I am in the process of experimenting with a number of different typographic treatments and ways of pushing the work further.



Been thinking about doing a zoetrope for some time,and Eve has pointed me to these well executed examples

more at



Part of the work I have been doing as part of the collaboration project at college. I have been influenced mainly by Mike Giant in the style of these designs and given them an automated twist by turning them into motorised thaumotropes. Collaborative theme was moving image,so thaumoptropes are a type of moving image and the people I have used are dead movie stars. Betty Grable Marilyn Monroe Brittany Murphy Audrey Hepburn

Mike Giant

From Swindle Magazine " Mike Giant’s career is the result of genuine curiosity and decades of drawing for five hours a day. He’s been—and remains—a world-class graffiti writer, tattooist and illustrator with his REBEL8 line. He’s made zines, skateboard designs, animations, prints, collages and stacks of interesting artist and company collaborations. He travels all over the world, rides his bikes, practices mindfulness and is a fully tattooed goofball that one can bring to dinner parties." Link to full interview:

Mike Giants Blog: