Movie Countdown Test

As part of the work I have been producing for our groups collaborative project I have been making an animated countdown sequence so I can produce a range of work that allows me to develop my drawing skills and also experiment with various forms and processes for producing animation and film making/moving image and also so that it forms a part of a piece of work that can be used by our collective in a direct collaborarative way. I have experimented with various different ways of making the countdown.My first attempt was to put letrasets onto super-8 film reel and it did work to some degree Ill post the results later.My second was a stop-frame using photoshop which took an inordinate length of time to complete just one number.I have recently tried using a projector and acetate and it has been quite a sucessful test,my collaborative team member Izzy helped in the making of it.The numbers are hand drawn as is the frame and rest of it so I am in the process of experimenting with a number of different typographic treatments and ways of pushing the work further.

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